Parsonver's Valentine's Day Photo Contest ── Let's celebrate love

Parsonver's Valentine's Day Photo Contest ── Let's celebrate love

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When I received the lover promotion program, I was thinking that lovers are supposed to love each other, love at any moment, so what other way is there for everyone to love each other deeply once again on a special day? It occurs to me to the story I read in high school, and I was touched deeply.
The story goes that it was one of the favorite little games between a grandfather and grandmother, where both would put notes with shmily written on them anywhere the other could find them in their daily lives, such as in the refrigerator, on the table, in books, and sometimes even discarding the notes to write the word directly in the bathroom mists. This mysterious word became as much a part of their room as the grandparents' furniture.
The grandchildren did not know the meaning of the word shmily until their grandmother died and their grandfather wrote "Shmily" on the yellow ribbon of her funeral bouquet, singing softly in a trembling voice, "Know how much I love you...". ..." Everyone finally understood the meaning of their special little game "S- h- m- i- l- y ": "See how much I love you"
Like is the thumping of the heart, love is from the heart to the old age. May everyone meet a person who will never tire of saying "shmily" 3,000 times with you! Photos and music have one thing in common, that is, as time settles, the sense of immersion will become stronger and stronger. At this moment, when you press the shutter, you will keep the time. When you turn the page again, it can instantly make you and the moment when you press the shutter to create an emotional connection.
Parsonver did not hesitate to hold: "Pick up your camera and share your favorite picture with your better half. The meaning of a photo is to turn a moment into an eternity.

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