Hop Into Fun: Parsonver's Easter Egg Hunt Is Here!

Hop Into Fun: Parsonver's Easter Egg Hunt Is Here!

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Easter is just around the corner and many people associate this holiday with cute bunnies, colorful eggs, and chocolate treats. If you thought that Easter was just for kids... think again! Why shouldn't this holiday be for adults? Adults need to have fun too, after all. So we are excited to offer an #Eggciting treasure hunt for everyone.

What's the mystery prize?

Now, the most exciting part is finding out what's inside the mysterious egg! Let me tell you, the prize is absolutely egg-citing! Customers who enter our website will have the opportunity to find a mystery egg and redeem different rewards, including coupons ranging from 30% to 100%, a total of 100. These coupons are unique and can only be used once, so you better make it count! And they can't be stacked with other discounts.

Lucky customers who find jackpot eggs will get a 100% discount coupon, allowing them to reedem any product they can buy in our store, for free! How cool is that? So go ahead, give it a shot and who knows, you might just be the lucky one!

How to get started?

From April 1st to April 9th, all you have to do is look very carefully through our website and try to find our concealed Easter eggs. It's time to prepare yourself by cleaning your glasses. Want some clues? Not this time friends, so it's up to you to discover them without any hints or suggestions.

The rules

As soon as you come across an egg, simply click on it, and you'll reveal the fantastic reward you've earned. Just remember to fill in the popup window so you can receive instructions about how to redeem your reward. The usage period for these coupons is from 4.1-4.9, so you've got plenty of time to shop till you drop.

To be noted, This egg hunt is open to most of customers residing in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada because of logistics restrictions. When logistics can not be delivered to your address, we have the right to ask you to provide another deliverable address or your prize may be invalid. (Of course, as long as the address you live in is not a remote island, it usually doesn't happen) Parsonver reserves all rights of interpretation regarding this event.

There’s no telling what prize you could uncover, which is part of the fun!

Anyway, don't miss your chance to win one of our amazing smart watches – start searching today! We wish you the best of luck as you get started on the treasure hunt, as well as a very Happy Easter from everyone at Parsonver! :)

 Go hunting>>>

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