parsonver smart watch


Be a Passioner

PARSONVER is a humanistic technology brand positioned as "24-hour comfort companion", as we realize that, in an age of increasingly advanced technology, people are not just seeking powerful functions, but also hoping for technology to offer humanistic and experiential value beyond just being tools. As a smart product that stays in constant contact with users, smartwatches have a natural human connection. Therefore, PARSONVER decided to have a deep insight into the inner needs of users, use intelligence as the engine, and base on 24-hour wearable scene to develop, creating a complex of technology and comfort companion.

Presently, PARSONVER has garnered millions of loyal users, and its sales have expanded beyond a single market to 30 countries and regions around the world. In the future, we will continue to combine humanities and technology to develop a comfortable and smart wearable companion cherished by users worldwide.


Let smart wearable products become a kind of companion, and solve the problem of comfortable wearing around the clock.

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